Friday - Empathy

What about Simon Peter? What did he see and experience during his time with Jesus? The Son of God came down and walked on this Earth and Simon watched Him. Imagine what Simon saw! Yet, in hardship, Simon betrayed. “I am not his disciple!” And in the end, Jesus forgave. “Do you love me?” When we look at the life of Simon, we have to wonder: what does he know about empathy? What empathic acts did Christ show him and what can Simon teach us today about empathy?

- Nathan Metz

As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” At once they left their nets and followed him.
— Mark 1:16-20

First Thoughts

Each morning, take a moment in the quiet to meet with Jesus and consider today’s banner: Empathy.

Quiet yourself in God’s presence and read slowly several times Mark 6:45-50. Find the link to the New Living Translation here.

Imagine the scene, then step into your imagination as much as possible, in your mind’s eye. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? What is the storm-tossed sea like? What about Peter? What about the disciples? How are they feeling? What are they doing and saying? What do they look like? What’s the mood of the people on the boat? What about Jesus? What is Jesus thinking, feeling, and doing? Invite the Spirit to guide your imagination and find yourself in the story. How does this “entrance” into this story of Jesus affect how you think of Jesus and the disciples now?

Table Talk

Meeting in community is one of the most valuable times at Family Camp. No matter what venue the members of your table attended, they studied the same things you did! Consider discussing these questions with the people around your lunch table!

Empathy is something every person craves - to be known, to have someone fully listen, and to feel completely accepted.

Who is a person in your life who demonstrates empathy well?

What is it about this person that is so winsome and welcoming?


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Nathan Metz


John 21:15-19

There are some great conversations that happen around our evening camp fires!As you close out your day, consider bringing one or two of these questions to the group. If you have children to put to bed, consider asking them these questions to help them process things throughout the week.

How has God been speaking with you today? 

With what part of Simon’s story do you most identify? What part of his story stirred your heart with your own story?

Who is someone in your life with whom God is calling you to be empathetic? This might involve active listening (acknowledging what the person is saying without interrupting).

Where is the most important place right now for you to improve the empathy in your relationships?