Family Camp Meals


All items sold at individual prices (see below)

or breakfast tickets are available in the office for

$5 and include 1 main item, 2 side items and 1 drink



$4.00  (price includes plated salad +1 dressing)



$5.00  + $2 for salad bar (optional)

$5.00 salad bar only

All Meals

$ 112 (no salad bar)     $128 (w/ dinner salad bar ticket)

(breakfast includes 1 main item, 2 side items and 1 drink)

All Lunches & Dinners

$ 72 (no salad bar)      $88 (w/ dinner salad bar ticket)

All Dinners

$ 40 (no salad bar)      $56 (w/ salad bar ticket)

*Plated salad will be served with lunch.  The dinner salad bar will be an additional fee of $2.00.

Breakfast Snack Shop Menu

(Open Sunday 9am-10am and Mon-Sat 8am-9:30am)

Main Breakfast Items

Sausage, egg and cheese biscuit $3.00

French Toast Casserole $1.50

Breakfast Burrito $2.00

Pancake Corn dog $1.50

Biscuits and Gravy $1.50 ($.50 for extra biscuit)

Donut Bites $3.00

**Main breakfast items vary by day


Side Items

Hash brown $1.00

Oatmeal $.75

Cereal bowl $1.00

Banana $.50



OJ $1.00 (10 oz)

Milk $1.00 (10 oz)

Chocolate Milk $1.50 (10 oz)

Fountain Drinks $1.00

Cold Coffee (vanilla syrup, caramel, cream) $3.00 (not a value meal option)

Coffee available in the dining hall (donations accepted)