Monday - Tenacity

“…a prostitute named Rahab…” That’s how we first meet her in Joshua 2. She lives in the wall of Jericho with a door facing the city and window facing the fields outside. Over the past 40 years, she been hearing stories of the Israelites and their God. She heard about the Red Sea and all the victories across the land. Her heart melted and she believed that “the Lord your God is God”. As a result, she committed treason against Jericho by harboring spies, a risky move that resulted in the overthrow of the city. James called this risky move: faith. In fact, he listed Rahab right next to Abraham as an example of great faith and work. She’s listed in Hebrews 11 as well! When a treasonous prostitute in Jericho is held up twice as a premiere example of faith, perhaps we should take another look at faith. What is it? What does it do? Can we have the tenacious faith of Rahab?

- Nathan Metz

Joshua, the son of Nun, sent two spies from Shittim. He sent them in secret. He said to them, “Go and look over the land. Most of all, check out Jericho.” So they went to Jericho. They stayed at the house of a prostitute. Her name was Rahab.
— Joshua 2:1

First Thoughts

Each morning, take a moment in the quiet to meet with Jesus and consider today’s banner: Tenacity.

Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. New Living Translation can be accessed here.

Read it again.

Sit in it — pour your mind and thoughts over these words, and let them pour over you. Pause for a moment to ponder. Read these verses again, like you’re splashing in the rain, over and over again.

What stirs in your heart from this passage?

Ask yourself: “What is unseen that I need to fix my eyes on? What is seen that I allow myself to get distracted by?”

Journal and/or draw your thoughts.

Table Talk

Meeting in community is one of the most valuable times at Family Camp. No matter what venue the members of your table attended, they studied the same things you did! Consider discussing these questions with the people around your lunch table!

What is perseverance? Tell of a story when you had to have perseverance.

What about faith? Share with your table a time of exercising faith.


Each day, activities are scheduled for a variety of age groups. Click the Schedule link below for today’s activities.


Nathan Metz


Joshua 2:1-24 and James 2:25

There are some great conversations that happen around our evening camp fires! As you close out your day, consider bringing one or two of these questions to the group. If you have children to put to bed, consider asking them these questions to help them process things throughout the week.

How has God been speaking with you today? 

In what areas of your life are aversion and ego present, instead of tenacity?

Are you in a wall right now?  Describe it.  What needs to happen if that wall is to come down?

Is there a wall God is calling you into?  Share it!  Allow those around you to help pray that you’ll have the tenacity to move

In what areas of your life are you experiencing faith and perseverance?

As you reflect upon your day, how is God stirring you to new levels of faith, perseverance, and tenacity?