Saturday - Influence

Esther is not necessarily morally upstanding. She is not keeping Jewish law; she is not particularly focused on being a political figure. But she has a decision to make. Will she use the influence she has, even though it seems small, insignificant, and powerless? Or, will she stand down, pull back, become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem, and disengage? Will she sit down, or will she stand up

God uses even morally compromised people for his kingdom—as long as they are willing to stand up.

- Christy Lipscomb

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
— Ephesians 6:12

First Thoughts

Each morning, take a moment in the quiet to meet with Jesus and consider today’s banner: Influence.

Read Genesis 16:7-10 slowly and prayerfully. Find the link to the New Living Translation here.

Where have you come from? Ask God to give you courage to name the times you have experienced God’s intimate presence as well as God’s absence. What events have shaped you in the past?

Where are you going? What are current invitations God is giving you? How is God leading you into a deeper awareness of His love and care for you? What promises of God are giving you hope for the future?

Table Talk

Meeting in community is one of the most valuable times at Family Camp. No matter what venue the members of your table attended, they studied the same things you did! Consider discussing these questions with the people around your lunch table!

Who are influential people in your life? Who are the people who have impacted you for good? Share some of these stories.


Each day, activities are schedules for a variety of age groups. Click the Schedule link below for today’s activities.


Christy Lipscomb


The Book of Esther

There are some great conversations that happen around our evening camp fires!As you close out your day, consider bringing one or two of these questions to the group. If you have children to put to bed, consider asking them these questions to help them process things throughout the week.

How has God been speaking with you today? 

In what areas of your life are cynicism and avoidance and segregation present, instead of influence?

Who are the people in your circle of influence? How are you influencing them for Jesus? How can you? 

How is God calling you to be a person of influence? What do you need to do next - tonight, next week, and beyond?