Tuesday - Harmony

The Book of Ruth is an account of a two people who are divided by race, ethnicity, nationality, and economics. Life would have been easier had they stayed in their own circles. But love and kindness draw them together. Boaz isn’t the only one responsible for the harmony: Ruth fully engages. It takes two to sing harmony. Working toward harmony takes utter determination, life-altering sacrifices, shared faith. You need to show up, protect, provide, and be kind. Say yes to the mess.

- Christy Lipscomb

And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All the people of my town know that you are a woman of noble character.
— Ruth 3:11

First Thoughts

Each morning, take a moment in the quiet to meet with Jesus and consider today’s banner: Harmony

Today, pray with your imagination.

Read Ephesians 4:1-6 several times.

Find the link to the New Living Translation here.

Pause and use each phrase as a place to allow your mind to wander, to ponder about unity in the body of Christ.

What does unity look like in your context? Where is unity active? Where is disunity reigning? What would it take for unity to be present in your context? Who do you need to forgive or reconcile with?

Table Talk

Meeting in community is one of the most valuable times at Family Camp. No matter what venue the members of your table attended, they studied the same things you did! Consider discussing these questions with the people around your lunch table!

Who is someone in your life who is entirely different than you, yet you somehow still end up in the same circle of friends or acquaintances? What is it about your relationship this person that is the “glue” that holds you together?

Now think of someone in your life with whom you are opposite magnets, repelling one another, rather than stuck like glue. What’s the difference between these two relationships? What would it take to truly befriend this person in harmony?


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Christy Lipscomb


The Book of Ruth

There are some great conversations that happen around our evening camp fires! As you close out your day, consider bringing one or two of these questions to the group. If you have children to put to bed, consider asking them these questions to help them process things throughout the week.

How has God been speaking with you today?

In what areas of your life and prejudice and segregation present, instead of harmony?

Who might be someone with whom you may take steps towards harmony? What mending of relationship needs to happen in order for this to take place?

With whom is God calling you to “show up, protect, provide, and be kind,” as Christy has framed it?

Looking forward to tomorrow and in light of what has happened today, how are you going to live out harmony?